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Hygain and Mitavite are supporting Australian Pony Clubs!

Have you put your local Pony Club in the draw to WIN cash prizes?

You won’t want to miss this one, especially if you know somebody who is a Pony Club member! Hygain and Mitavite are supporting Australian Pony Clubs, giving them the chance to win cash prizes from a whopping total prize pool of $150k.

Adding your favourite Pony Club to the draw is easy. Simply purchase selected Hygain or Mitavite feeds (see below), scan the My Champions Club QR sticker on the pack, and follow the entry steps. Head on over to https://mychampionsclub.com/ for more details.

5 Pony Clubs have already received $1,000 each as part of May’s round of lucky winners: Glenorie Pony Club, Heywood Pony Club, Litchfield Horse & Pony Club, Redlands Horse & Pony Club, Carnarvon Horse & Pony Club.

Your local Pony Club could be next!

The impressive prize pool is awarded to Pony Clubs as follows:

  • 5 x monthly $1,000 prizes from May until September.
  • 25 x major $5,000 prizes to be awarded at the end of the promotional period (September 30th)

The feeds you need to put your Pony Club in the running

The following feeds contribute an entry when their QR code is scanned and submitted to a My Champions Club account:

Hygain® Zero®

Hygain® Meta Safe®

Hygain® Tru Care®

Hygain® Balanced®

Mitavite® Gumnuts®

Mitavite® Munga®

Mitavite® Cool Vitality®

Mitavite® Xtra Cool®

For further information on the Pony Club competition, please visit: https://hygain.com.au/pages/win4yourclub, https://mitavite.com/pages/win4yourclub

Have you spotted QR codes on Hygain and Mitavite products?

The QR code stickers on Hygain and Mitavite products are part of a wider relaunch of Hygain’s loyalty rewards program, called My Champions Club. Members no longer cut the tokens from the side of the bags and instead, scan the QR code on purchased products to claim rewards points.

Look for the QR code when you purchase your next bag of Hygain® feed, Mitavite® feed or Hygain® supplement. Start saving your points and work towards your first reward!

Visit https://mychampionsclub.com/ for more details.



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Sonaray Equestrian

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