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Meet TWOTH Competitor Ashlea Waddell

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia Ashlea’s love for horses all started from a young age, her mother Tracey had a gelding called Rebate and she would spend many hours with her mum and him playing around. Ashlea’s other passion was for dancing, she was at the dance studio 5-6 days a week from the age of 6 and spent many years wanting to be a dance teacher when she grew up. Ashlea got her very on horse at 12, a paint called Tinkerbell who took her all through her teens doing pony club, beach and trail rides, she was such a great first horse who taught Ashlea to ride confidently. Her love for both riding and dancing continued with many hours at dance competitions and horse events most weekends.


When Ashlea was 21 she decided something had to give and chose to continue with her horses and finished dancing full time, she bought a young Clydesdale mare Isabella who really was where it all began with Ashlea’s horse training journey. She started Isabella under saddle and thoroughly enjoyed some liberty training she had picked up along the way while she spent some time with different trainers in WA. At 24 Ashlea had 12 months off from horses while becoming a new mum to her son Jaxon and thoroughly enjoying every moment, but when she went to return to riding and working with horses something had changed, her carefree thoughts had gone and she became quite nervous with the “what if’ thoughts and did not have any answers with her training so she became lost. 


Ashlea’s business started with a few private lessons a week sharing some confidence training with women, some mild re-education behavioural horses, starting the occasional horse under saddle and a few group sessions on a low level under the guidance of her trainer. She continued her training over the years and her business grew as her knowledge with horses did. Several years later Ashlea is now 33 and living in Harvey, Western Australia with her partner and horseman Rhys Morrissey and son Jaxon. Ashlea takes on horses for private training ranging from young horse starting, behavioural training, general riding, unhandled horses, float training and groundwork. Ashlea also continues to travel all over Western Australia teaching 2 days clinics and private lessons on a larger scale than ever while now competing her 3 horses in Working equitation on her Andalusian, Alvaro and Campdrafting on her two quarter horses, Chase and Rocky with her family.



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