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Think Fencing is Australia’s largest manufacturer of composite fencing systems, from post and rail, picket fencing, racetrack running rail along with a full range of bespoke horse fencing systems. We are proud of the fact that all of our products are made in Australia by our dedicated team of horse lovers, engineers and fencing experts.


Over the past two decades our team has grown to over 50 staff across 2 manufacturing sites in Australia. We export to New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. From humble beginnings we have grown to be a world leader in the field of recycled composite fencing systems. And we’re proud of that.


Equitana 2022 is very important to us and we are excited to re launch one of our most trusted horse fencing products. Zappa Rail.


Zappa Rail is an electrified flexible fence rail that is tensioned up along your fence to provide safety and security to horses.


Our team has been working tirelessly over the pandemic to further develop and refine our Zappa Rail system, we have designed an entirely new straining system, bracketry system and Manufacture Zappa Rail out of a novel polymer made by Qenos in Australia to ISO9001. We have also incorporated 3 x 2mm high tensile wires into the profile.


No other company in the world can boast this!


Think Fencing has also been working with the CSIRO to develop a system whereby we can take waste PVC that was destined to landfill and create a super strong rural fencing post perfect for attaching Zappa Rail to.  We call this the Longranger.


Please make sure you drop into our stand and say hi 🙂


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Equitana Melbourne


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