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When it comes to tractors, Kubota doesn’t horse around

When it comes to tractors, Kubota doesn’t horse around

Maintaining and caring for your pastures, stalls and paddocks can be arduous work. It’s essential horse owners have the right tools for the job to ensure everything gets done.

Kubota Australia’s tractor line-up has something to address everyone’s needs.

Kubota’s compact tractor range is renowned for its outstanding performance. Ranging from 18HP to 46HP the Kubota compact tractor range is equipped with high quality Kubota engines and transmissions to deliver the extra durability and reliability that farm work demands.

Kubota Australia Product Manager for Agriculture, Mark Basile said the entry level BX series tractors are perfectly suited to lifestyle property blocks, with the ability to quickly attach and detach a mower deck, front end loader, backhoe or any other small three-point linkage implement, while the B-Series range offers increased engine power and a three-range hydrostatic transmission.

“The BX and B-Series are the ideal range for the operator who wants an efficient tractor capable of performing a wide variety of tasks,” Mr Basile said.

As the name implies, these compact tractors are narrow, and relatively light. Their short turning radiuses make them ideal for barn work and paddock cleaning. They are suitable for mowing small to medium pastures up to about 10 acres, light landscaping, arena grooming, hauling moderate loads and spreading manure.

For those with bigger projects to tackle, the mid-sized L-Series offers a general purpose, mid-sized tractor that is durable, comfortable and high performing.

“From maintaining your property to commercial landscaping and small farm operations, the Kubota mid-sized L-Series tractor range offers powerful performance, outstanding versatility and exceptional economy year-round.

” For even larger projects, the MX5200 utility tractor is designed to tackle almost any task and is the perfect all-rounder. “It’s highly responsive, providing smooth performance and increased control. Available in a 4WD hydrostatic transmission (HST) and 4WD gear models, the MX5200 boasts a powerful, quiet and clean running engine,” Mr Basile said.

“Hydrostatic transmissions make it easy to rapidly shuttle between forward and reverse which is helpful when doing repetitive back-and-forth chores such as paddock cleaning. Hydrostatic transmissions also tend to require less maintenance”

“The MX5200 is ready for tough jobs. Its flat deck floor and hanging pedals create a large and comfortable operator area

“Responsive power steering allows operators to perform tight turns, enabling the user to move around their property with ease,” Mr Basile said.

Combining superior productivity and control with enhanced operator comfort was a priority for Kubota when designing the MX5200. Hydraulic servo systems in the HST model increase pedal responsiveness, while the HST itself reduces shock, vibration, noise and operator fatigue.

“The MX5200 reduces hours of manual labour with the Kubota LA854 loader offering ample lifting height and capacity, making carrying hay bales and mucking out stables a breeze.

“The three-point hitch operates seamlessly with the MX5200 range. Telescopic lower link ends and stabilisers allow easy attachment of a range of rear-mounted implements, such as a mulcher or slasher, to easily keep up maintenance of paddocks.” Mr Basile said.

Before deciding on a tractor it’s important you speak to your local Kubota dealer to ensure you select the one that best suits your needs.

“No matter the scale of your property, whether you’re mowing, slashing, removing trees or building fire breaks, Kubota’s tractors are excellent choices for durability, versatility and comfort,” Mr Basile said.

For more information, visit kubota.com.au to find your closest Kubota dealership.


About Kubota

Kubota Australia Pty Ltd has been Australia’s leading supplier of agriculture, construction and power equipment for more than 40 years. All Kubota equipment is distributed and serviced through the company’s authorised dealer network, consisting of more than 140 dealers Australia-wide.

Kubota Australia is a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, a multi-national company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Kubota Corporation is the world-leading manufacturer of compact engines, dedicated to the research of advanced technologies that set the benchmark for the industry. Kubota Corporation employs more than 35,000 people worldwide and its products are distributed across 31 countries.

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